U2X 120 – 240 L - Medical Wastes


UÇAK PLASTİK has been completed the 2 wheels garbage bin serial and covered all the requirements of various international municipalities and public enterprises, social housings, hospitals, schools, hotels and waste treatment companies.The U2X 120 and 240 lt. have the same technical features with the 2 wheeled garbage bins serial and consistent with the mobile garbage bin products family.


  • Raw material used in products is resistant to solar light, cold and hot weather conditions.
  • Can be equipped with magnetic lock as an option.
  • Have two wheels.
  • Space-saving feature while storing – can be put one into another.
  • Can be equipped with pedal as an option.
  • Equipped with a cover for litter. Logo and “ATTENTION - MEDICAL WASTE” prints are done with hot-press process.

Standart Colors