Manufacturing plastic garbage containers for local administrations and private sector, Uçak Plastik Company (”Company”) was founded by Ahmet and Adnan Uçak brothers, prominent names of the machinery sector in the country. The Company conducts its manufacturing operations through a sophisticated technology at its plant where occupational health and safety is one of the key focuses. The plant was built in Düzce Gümüşova in 2006 on a wide and highly-equipped space of 54 thousand 140 sqm. Of this space, 8,000 sqm is indoor area.

As a high-profile enterprise with proven quality, the Company established in 2009 a venture capital alliance with KOBİ GİRİŞİM SERMAYESİ YATIRIM ORTAKLIĞI A.Ş., an affiliate of various reliable and prestigious organizations of Turkey including TOBB, Türkiye Halk Bankası A.Ş., KOSGEB, Halk Finansal Kiralama, TESK, and sixteen Chambers of Trade of Industry.

Driven by this alliance, the venture is confidently running on track.

Driven by a powerful R&D department composed of professionals with in-depth experience and knowledge in both local and international projects, the Company is the market leader.

Boasting a giant machinery stock with unique capacities in Turkey, the Company owns the biggest plastic injection system of Europe. This technology is capable of stamping, in one single cycle, 87 kg of plastic resistant to chemicals, freeze, frost and UV rays.

Ucak Plastic has the unique machinery park and highest capacity in Turkey, has also the biggest plastic injection machine in Europe.

With this technology it can process a 87 kilogram plastic in a single use to produce garbage containers that are perdurable against chemicals, cold, heath and UV rays .

Equipped with state-of-the-art machines to create a huge annual capacity of 8,000 thousand tons, the Company is capable of manufacturing products in various sizes and colours simultaneously without changing over its moulds. The product range includes post-mounted bins (capacity: 60 l), recycling bins (capacity: 70 l), wheeled mobile bins (capacity: 80 l, 120 l and 240-l), and wheeled plastic waste containers (capacity: 660 l and 770 l). The Company also imports wheeled plastic waste containers of 360 l, 400 l and 1,100 l capacity.

Unlike galvanized products, plastic waste containers manufactured by the Company have compact design produced in one single cycle, and hence offer hygienic and health advantages. Thanks to the design with no joints, bacterial growth is avoided. In addition, surface deformation and corrosion, typically observed in galvanized waste containers, is avoided. Thus products offer absolute hygienic use for a long time.

Committed to respecting environmental and OHS standards, the Company’s products are CE certified, confirming their compliance with TSE standards, TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and TS 18001 OHS Management Systems. The Company subjects its products to myriad of stringent tests and quality inspections.

The first and the unique domestic plastic waste container manufacturer of Turkey, Uçak Plastik secures absolute customer satisfaction thanks to a technical team capable of intervening in any after-sales customer issue within the shortest time possible.

This is where local administrations and private sector have the advantage and comfort of working with a domestic supplier, and get rids of problems caused by import products so far.

As a roaring enterprise set to be a global giant, Uçak Plastik has the pride of being the manufacturer of products widely used in Turkey and around the globe.

The Company is attending reputable trade fairs of the market in an aim to offer its products to a broader audience and superbly represent the country./p>

Serving as a solution partner for customers along an innovative philosophy as aided by a highly-specialized technical staff, manufacturing and R&D teams, the Company will remain to be the unrivalled benchmark in the market.

Ucak Plastic.
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